Innovando’s Code of Ethics defines standards for safe, fair and healthy working conditions, along with the environmental responsibility through our entire supply chain. Our commitment to continuous improvements on an overall sustainability journey is equally applicable to both our stakeholders and our leadership practices. Being your partner in sustainable waste management innovation, Innovando strives to achieve both the sustainable level of growth and economic success while driving the innovation.

Our coherent set of principles, procedures and provisions wrapped in the management Model 231 is highly influencing the internal company’s operations and the way we engage with the outside world. Further, this model meets the requirements of Legislative Decree n.231/2001, adopted by the Italian Law under the “Administrative and criminal liability of legal entities deriving from offences”, stating that legal entities may be held liable, and therefore sanctioned by financial means of criminal proceedings, in relation to certain crimes which are committed or attempted in Italy or abroad in the interest or for benefit of the company.

Thus, adopting set of organizational and control models suitable for preventing all previously said, works in an overall interest and to the advantage of the company itself. They’ve been integrated with Innovand’s Code of Ethics.

Its functions have been integrated with Innovando’s Code of Ethics.

Codice Etico di Innovando Rev. 00 dd. 01/06/18 (the document is available in Italian)