LIFE Re-Shoes project is underway: new life to worn footwear

Provide an alternative, circular and sustainable solution to give a new life to used shoes, by introducing virtuous practices as a new standard in the footwear industry supply chain.

It’s the main objective of Re-Shoes, the ambitious project in which we are involved together with other international realities, coordinated by the Asolo company Scarpa.

The initiative will be developed over 36 months through a procedure that will make it possible to obtain raw materials from used footwear and production scraps, in order to create a new generation of high quality regenerated products, thus reducing the disposal and use of raw materials and aiming for zero post-processing leftovers.

Innovando’s role in the project is to help SCARPA raise its sustainability ambitions by introducing a complete collection and monitoring of both End-of-Life shoes and consequently of material flows, two necessary prerequisites to reintroduce valuable materials back into company’s production processes


With its logistics network counting over 700 authorized vehicles aimed at collection of the End-of-Life items (shoes in this case), Innovando is responsible for organizing the collection and treatment of the collected End-of-Life products through its EU-wide chain in all predefined SCARPA’s points of sales (in Italy, France, Austria, Germany).


Thanks to Innovando’s internally developed software solution “iSystem”, the company enables the material and product flows optimization and real-time LCA-based principles monitoring of the environmental impact.

This gives Innovando the attribute of a strategic partner, as it accelerates SCARPA’s adaptability to environmental changes connected with valuable raw materials shortage. Managing materials more efficiently once they reach the End-of-Life stage by ensuring the secure and continuous access to resources will not only help SCARPA avoid its supply shortages, but it will also help them manage their long-term competitiveness.